Revolutionizing Batteries for Transportation with Reimagined Cell and Packaging Design


Enables Profitable Direct Recycling

Lower Cost

Up to 40% Reduction over 2170-Format Cell

Universal Design

Li-ion and Solid State with Integrated Dynamic Pressure

Motivated by Sustainability

  • Battery recycling is necessary for environmental health and a sustainable EV future

  • One of the biggest challenges in Li-ion battery recycling is the disassembly and separation of cell component

  • Without a change in battery packaging, recycling will remain economically and environmentally unviable

Environmental Impact

CO₂/SOₓ Emissions

  • EV Production
  • Battery
  • Cell

Production Area

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Environmental Impact

  • Conventional ICE Vehicle
  • E-mobility
  • Darmok Process

CO₂/SOₓ Emissions

Break-even (25k Miles) 40% Reduction in Emissions 30% Reduction in Emissions

Use Phase (Carbon-neutral electricity source)

Second use/recycling

The battery industry is fundamental to the race for clean air worldwide and requires innovative new solutions in this time of unprecedented change.

DarmokTech is at the forefront of battery innovation

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